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INDEX BROOKS OIL & GAS INDEX BROOKS OIL & GAS provide services that ensures Africa's energy infrastructure will count on upon to power its economical growth in all aspects of human endeavors

Refineries/Petrochemical Storage

Refineries/Petrochemical storage tank construction and maintenance. Both Horizontal, Vertical and Underground Storage Tanks. We rovide excellent service in this regard

Cathodic Protect System

We design, construct, install and commission Cathodic protect Systems on Oil and Gas Pipelines, Oil and Gas Flow-lines including Oil and Gas Facilities

Oil & Gas Pipelines/ Flow-lines.

We Weld and Lay Oil & Gas Pipelines/ Flow-lines. Our services cover Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Construction/Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning including Maintenance

Maintenance of Oil and Gas/Non-oil and Gas Facilities

Project Management Services
Thrust-Boring Services (in the Process of Executing Pipeline Construction Works, Major Roads and Railway Crossing are Crossed by Employing Thrust-Boring system), Welding/Laying of High Density Polyethylene Gas Pipeline (HDPE) Manifold Construction and Installation

Supply of Oil Tools

NALDS provides a wide range of oil and gas equipment for drilling needs including: downhold drilling rental tools, fishing and re-entry equipment, tubular running services, cementing tools and pressure control equipment.  We are in partnership with international firms operating in Australia, New Zealand, Qatar and the Middle East. We provide drilling tools suitable for onshore and offshore drilling, coal bed methane and geothermal drilling operations.

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